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IBFF Slovenia

IBFF Slovenia
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10.10.2021 18:57

Muscle Model Man categ

MUSCLE MODEL Man categ ( Swim wear or colored boxer )

Maximum athletes body weight in Muscle Model categ is body height -100+7 !!!

- The look for this category :

- Muscular development, muscular balance and proportions, symmetry of development,
muscular definition, overall condition and overall appearance is to be pleasing to the eye and marketable in the Fitness industry

- Symmetry Round ... judge will call for a quarter turn to the right.

- Free posing routine is judged.

- The judges are looking for :

size, muscularity, definition and separation , the ability to pose on stage, great stage presence and confidence, based just upon the eight compulsory poses :

Front Double Biceps, Front Lat Spread, Side Chest ( side of choice ), Rear Double Bicep, Rear Lat Spread, Side Triceps ( side of choice ), Abdominal & Thighs, Most Muscular


IBFF FORUM  » IBFF news  » Muscle Model Man categ