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IBFF Staff

IBFF Staff
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14.05.2013 14:06

Mixed Pairs Category

The IBFF will see the introduction of the Mixed Pairs Category that will provide a platform for athletes to compete as couples and display their physiques together on stage.

Basic Overview:

The category will include 3 rounds.
The pair must work together to compliment each other, and compete as ‘one’ through the rounds of competition; Symmetry Round, Compulsory Poses, Posing Routine (to music)
Stage Presentation is of utmost importance, with matched posing costumes and tanning. A good pair presentation can impress the Judges on their strength of being able to move, blend and work together as one unit.
The mixed pairs category is judged equally between physique and presentation on a 50/50 score ratio.

The category is not limited to bodybuilding competitors, figure - fitness - model - athletic athletes are welcome but special consideration needs to be taken to the posing styles as outlined below.

Mixed Pairs Rules:

Mixed pairs is to consist of a Male and a Female
The wearing of jewellery is optional
The wearing of shoes is permitted for Female
Physique class poses are to be excuted with the hands closed or opened
There is only one class, that is no weight or height categories.

Round 1 - Muscularity
Score Percentage of Round 1 - 25%

In this round competitors perform the following compulsory poses:

1. Front Double Biceps
2. Front Lat Spread
3. Side Chest (either side at the choice of the competitor)
4. Side triceps (again either side)
5. Rear Double Biceps (on leg back showing the calf)
6. Rear Lat Spread
7. Abdominal and Thigh

In this round judges are comparing competitors for the following:

Muscularity - The shape, thickness and quality of muscle.
Proportion - The balance of one muscle group against another.
Definition - Muscle separation, definition and vascularity.
Balance - Left side of the body compared to the right, front compared to rear.

Round 2 - Symmetry
Score percentage of Round 2 - 25%

In this round the competitors will stand in numerical order facing the judges and they will perform four one quarter turns - the first will be facing the judges, then the competitors will be asked to make three one quarter turns to the right, thus displaying their physique from every angle.

In this round judges are looking for the following:

Structural Flaws - Faults within the competitor's skeletal structure.
Proportion - The balance of one muscle group to another eg. Lower body to upper body, biceps to calves, waist to quadriceps etc.
Balance - The left side of a competitor's body compared to the right, the front compared to the rear.
Symmetry - The competitor's overall shape and line.

Round 3 - Mixed Pairs Free Posing

Score percentage of Round 3 - 50%
Competitor's will pose to their own music for a maximum of 90 seconds and present a polished, entertaining routine where each athlete moves together as one with smooth transitions between poses.

In this round judges are looking for:

Posing Ability - a polished routine that shows each athletes physique and their ability to blend, flow and work together as one unit.
Presentation - Includes matching posing costumes and tans.
Physique - As outlined in the IBFF criteria



IBFF FORUM  » IBFF news  » Mixed Pairs Category